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But this is because fang was originally written as a male character. Early in development, lightning was meant to be a flirtatious character with more sex appeal but these traits were transferred to fang to make lightning a more serious character. Like they wanted the story is that fang and vanille are lesbians, but only through innuendos as to not make it too obvious, which is very much unlike makoto from enchated arms who is very obviously gay and keeps profecing his love of toya through the whole game whitout all the weird innuendos (unlike in final fantasy xiii). Ssjremuko wrote vanilles english voice actor supports it, by chance do you have evidence? Actually, hes right there is (or were, i dont know if thats still the case now, but i can confirm that it happened) a group on facebook that was created in support of the whole fangvanille being lesbian thing. Fang was originally intended to be a male character, and in that picture where vanille places her hand on fangs chest is reminiscent of what a shorter female character would do when a male character embraced her, ie bury herself in his chest.   oerba yun fang and oerba dia vanille are both playable characters in final fantasy xiii. Fans have read their closeness, evident in scenes like this, as evidence that they might have a romantic rather than purely platonic relationship (see here, here, here, here, and here). This article from gay nerds offers a stronger case for them to be read as implicitly in a relationship than as friends or. Who cares if fang and vanille are lesbians? Even if they werent, they would probably have a similar relationship ( without a couple of obvious tip-offs). I think it makes the game more interesting, and vanilles safety is a big part of fangs character.   final fantasy xiii hd episode 26 - are vanille and fang lesbians! Xoxo fantasygodiva s e r i e s o n a i r gurl gamer review httpbit. For final fantasy xiii on the playstation 3, a gamefaqs message board topic titled are vanille and fang lesbians? (spoilers).

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