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  suspect that you have a possessive boyfriend, girlfriend or partner? Discover the 12 major red flags of possessiveness in relationships. Human mate guarding refers to behaviours employed by both males and females with the aim of maintaining reproductive opportunities and sexual access to a mate. It involves discouraging the current mate from abandoning the relationship whilst also warding off intrasexual (same sex) rivals. It has been observed in many non-human animals (see sperm competition), as well as humans. While some possessive individuals may try to control every aspect of their partners life, other possessive individuals may only show mild jealousy. Regardless of the level of possessiveness, such relationships are typically unhealthy.   possesiveness in the beginning expecting to be the only one i communicate with like wth its called dating. I only really see religious lesbians go through the extra gay mental gymnastics nonsense. The accusations of sleeping with my ex (completely untrue) female friends he says are lesbians and accuses me of being one too. Banning visits to my home, if i want to see my children i have to travel to see them, he has made it clear they are not welcome.   hi, i have a friend that ive known for 15 yrs since school, now im not a lesbian , but i will be moving into my freinds house in 1 week. So when i stayed there 2 weeks ago for 3 weeks , i sensed that my friends neighbours who popped over very regularly were a bit jealous of my friend and i friendship, what does this mean, if the jeaouslypossesiveness is coming from a pair of lesbians (who.).   live updates inauguration of joe biden and kamala harris. Read story trust me (rape story) by louislovestea81 (becka) with 96,508 reads.

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