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Lesbian and gay are two kinds of homosexuality that involves ones desire over another person of the same sex. People who are lesbians or gays are considered to be abnormal by others and in fact it is even a crime in some countries. Lesbians are the desires between two female genders either sexually or romantically.   whos got more game? Check out more awesome videos at buzzfeedvideo!httpbit.   a new study exploring the attitudes toward nonheterosexual men and women in 23 western and non-western countries found lesbians are more accepted than gay men around the world.   lesbian porn, therefore, works for straight men by doubling up those visual stimuli, ogas explained. The only thing better than one nubile, personality-free woman is two of them. Similarly, gay men (73) and lesbians (66) were overrepresented among the upper classes (classes abc1), though the difference between heterosexuals and bisexuals (54 v. Lgb people especially lesbians also had on average higher educational achievement.).   sure enough, in straight men and lesbians, the amygdala sent signals mainly into the sensorimotor cortex and the striatum, regions of the brain that trigger the fight or flight response. For gay men and straight women, meanwhile, the connections were mainly into regions of the brain that manifest fear as intense anxiety.

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