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Office sex (1) canon lesbian relationship (1) explicit sexual content (1) shameless smut (1) plot what plotporn without plot (1) other tags to include exclude ? Exclude ratings explicit (1) exclude warnings no archive warnings apply (1) exclude categories ff (1) exclude fandoms. The corridors within hogwarts cold walls were dark, until they were lit by a girl with a radiant smile and a heart of gold. Dh started january 09 2016 completed may 22 2016 disclaimer i do not own harry potter. All recognisable plots, characters, and settings belong to j.   browse through and read lesbian fanfiction stories and books. Adventure lesbian harry potter luna lovegood lgbtq hardy potter irina karkaroff never wanted to leave russia. Yet, on the doorstep of one of the greatest schools in wizard history, she is shaped into a timeless war hero with ancient magic at her finger tips. Bella has changed but something went wrong with her and now she has this strong craving for sex, when carlisle looks into it he finds out she was part succubus and part human so when she was bitten it heightened the succubus in her. But what happens when her sexual cravings get the best of her.   intense lesbian fanfiction is autostraddles first original fiction, in three parts. And it plays with a lot of different styles of sex and play and usually domsub stuff. Com proudly hosts 67,000 members and 48,000 fanfiction stories that have garnered almost 500,000 comments! Lesfan. Sex fan fiction is all over the internet, but these are 10 of the sexiest one-shot fan fictions out there, whether youre after harry potter or gilmore girls. Because you already know it can be challenging to find inclusive, virus-free, women-friendly lesbian porn here are the best places to read lesbian sex stories and queer erotica (written sans.). Mostly ff slash fantasy stories,princesses,vampires,goddesses,incest etc. Note start at the earlier entries for the best stories, middle-end entries average-very good. 252-277 for my personal recommendations, the rest are all mixed up.

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