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  im a lesbian but i have a boyfriend, yeah im now realising ive had more crushes on girls than i have guys and i have a boyfriend -- i really used to love him but i saw him two nights ago and all he wanted to do was hug and it used to fell right but now it doesnt, i have this crush on a girl who yes is lesbiab but it will get akuard eventually, my boyfriend was kissing my cheek and saying he.   im 21, have always found women attractive (pretty sure im bisexual!) but i have a boyfriend of two years. Sex doesnt always feel that fun, but i do love men and ccks etc etc but i just really want to be with a woman at the moment. I (17f) have been out as bisexual for 4 years so far and ive never been sure if i was.   ok, i have been bi since i was 12, i am 15 and i always checkout girls but never guys, girls turn me on, and i just love girls, it seems like i like them more the more i think about it, and i have a boyfriend that loves me very much, i am his world, i dont know how to tell him. I dont like making people upset, i cant handle it, and i know he will be heart broken and might do something drastic. I have no issues jumping up on the roof of my house and screaming im gay to the world. I care about him very, very, very much and i dont want to hurt him.   have you had any lesbian affairs or do is it more that sex with another girl sounds exciting. Youre very attractive and i think potential partners of either gender would be willing. If you truly want to find out- but without anyone you know getting wind of it, there are many escorts that are lesbians or bi.   basically what im saying is, i know i have to tell my boyfriend im a lesbian, but im really not looking forward to it. Has anybody else had to tell a boyfriend or girlfriend they were gay? Do you have any words of wisdom to share? Thank you so much for reading. I fantasize about woman, particularly their breasts and hips. I look at elegant lady porn (i think is the best description) and whenever im having sex with a man and am having difficulty cumming, i just think of girls and it becomes very easy. There is nothing wrong with my boyfriends performance, he is really good in bed. Around halloween i met a guy through a close friend and he asked for my number so i felt giddy bc yay someones interested in me. The problem was before that i was so sure that i was a lesbian and only liked girls for the past couple months and i was extremely comfortable with the title. He was very open about his feelings towards me since the beginning and asked if i liked him. They may have their reasons for carrying on a secret relationship and involving an unsuspecting male. But if you have a girlfriend and she gets more jealous of her female friends than she gets with you, she may be secretly homosexual. Even if you have a female friend who seems too jealous and too possessive, she may be a lesbian.

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