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Lesson plan sor juana ines de la cruz lesbian mexican nun and poet (1651-1695) next meeting 2013 the legacy project educational initiative - dr. Juana inés de asbaje y ramrez de santillana was born in san miguel nepantla (now called nepantla de sor juana inés de la cruz in her honor) near mexico city. She was the illegitimate child of a spanish captain, pedro manuel de asbaje, and a criolla woman, isabel ramrez. Due to her spanish ancestry and mexican birth, juana is considered a criolla. Was sor juana inés de la cruz a lesbian? I learned about her in my hispanic culture class, and the professor said that it is debated whether or not she was since. Whether she was a lesbian by modern-day standards is unclear, and probably irrelevant. What is clear is that her poetry expresses a spiritual solidarity with women, a sublime affinity that transcends sex. That this solidarity excluded men is apparent in her anti-male work. Sor juana ines was such an incredibly accomplished, amazing, creative person that there is no way they could have explored every aspect of her life. Many critics question the lesbian aspect of sor juana inezs life, noting that in the final analysis it really doesnt matter, i.   background music petite fleur - deuter videos source 2ndstar video. This vicereine was leonor carreto, who loved juana dearly some historians even suggest that she and juana had a lesbian affair, although paz finds that tremendously unlikely. She brought juana to the court, where she went to many balls and parties.   juana ines entered the court of the viceroys at a young age. Thanks to his knowledge, juana ines entered the court of viceroy antonio sebastin de toledo at a young age. There he met the viceroy leonor carreto , who became his patron a powerful person who protects artists so they can develop their works. Juana ines was an actual person, a criolla mexican nun from the xviii century. She wanted to study more than anything in the world but women couldnt go to college back in the day, she wanted to disguise herself as a man to enter college but her mom didnt let her obviously, so being a nun was the only way she could have access to books. Sor juana inés de la cruz was a 17th century nun, self-taught scholar and acclaimed writer of the latin american colonial period and the hispanic baroque.

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